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Stitchers gonna stitch!

Here at Sew Now, we all hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

Following on from Francine Schokker’s handy guide to dressing up torn jeans in this issue, here’s a bonus way to jazz up unloved denim!


You can embroider or darn any shape or colour combination possible, you don’t even have to wait for a hole or tear to appear. Some shapes are more freehand and therefore potentially easier to sew, as you don’t have to stick to a geometric pattern. To illustrate, take a look at these leopard-print spots – these lend themselves very much to a fairly haphazard way of stitching. You could even embellish them further by adding beads, sequins or small buttons!





To find out more about Francine Schokker and see her latest makes, visit www.cowstudio.etsy.com


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