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Download Your Sew Now Issue 1 Templates!

Sew Now Issue 1 Cover
Welcome to the first issue of Sew Now – the only magazine that brings you dressmaking projects that reflect what real women, of all ages, are wearing today!
Packed full with projects and patterns, from dressmaking to homewerea, and plenty of fashion inspiration to encourage you to make something beautiful today.
Download your free templates for issue 1 by clicking the button below and following the instructions.

download now
Sew Now 1 supplement: The Accessories Edit
As well as the magazine, be sure to flick through your free supplement, The Accessories Edit for more style guides, inspiration and patterns!

Zoe Dress and Tunic Top Pattern Envelope
Your free Zoe Tunic Dress & Top pattern will work for you on so many levels, perfect in denim for everyday wear, or how about some sleek satin for a special night out?

Take a look at some of the other great projects featured inside!

Rainbow Twirling Dress Peral Pleat Top

Gabardine Backpack Ruffle Blouse

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  1. I have made 2 Zoe dresses which I love. Just bought issue 3 and want. To make the ckassic pinafore but don’t know how to access the pattern?

  2. Hi

    I’m having trouble printing pages 2-4 from the pinafore pattern. All the sizes appear on screen but only the largest size actually prints. Can you help?



  3. I’m trying to download the Ruffle dress pattern, but I keep getting the notice ‘Failed to load PDF document’.

    Has the pattern been moved/removed?

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