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Get Active – Free Sewing & Accessory Pattern Ideas to get you moving


We have collected all our sporty fabric, free patterns and accessory ideas to kick start your 2017 workout wardrobe.

Attempting to start sewing your very own activewear wardrobe could feel like a daunting task at first. Try to start off with a basic and easy-shaped pattern like a vest or legging for a low-impact sport, working your way up to a critical fitted pattern once you feel more confident — such as a sports bra or running legging. Here are some great patterns to get you started.

There are an abundance of activewear fabrics out there.  What you need to think about first is the type of sport that you are making the pattern for and your sewing skill level. You could start with a simple single-stretch jersey for low-impact sports such as yoga or dance, however if you are making a pattern for a high-impact sport such as running or the gym you will need to think about the recovery and sweat resistance to the fabric.

Melissa Fehr gives a wonderful summary of where to buy activewear fabric in the UK – read her blog on the link or on our Pinterest page.  Sew Work also give a great blog post guide to activewear fabrics.

For some helpful hints, tips and techniques on how to sew and stitch with activewear jersey fabric Colette HQ blog offers a great two-part blog post with Melissa Fehr. There are also some great free tutorials, hints and tips on our Pinterest board to support you on your sewing sports journey.

To complete your activewear wardrobe, have some fun sewing matching accessories. Why not attempt to make a yoga bag or a helpful iPod velcro armband? We have some great free accessory patterns for you on our Pinterest board.

When you have sewn your activewear wardrobe we’d love to hear about them, or why not share a pic on our Facebook page?

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